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CSIEMS are a leading Contract Electronic Manufacturing organisation based in the UK. We have considerable experience and understanding of a diverse range of technologies; from the manufacturing of simple devices and electronic assemblies through to complex cutting edge innovative products. The leadership team and colleagues are focused on best practise by maintaining quality, efficiency and value giving our customers a competitive advantage

 As an organisation CSIEMS prides itself in our customer service and levels of customer satisfaction, we trade ethically with an environmentally aware approach and are committed to having open honest and transparent relationships with all of our partners.



Meeting the demands of manufacturing up to the minute complex products is crucial to our success. Managing this diverse range of technologies is challenging. Working closely with our supply partners we ensure the correct parts arrive at CSIEMS on time and to specification.

To meet this challenge our experienced procurement professionals have a wide range of specialist knowledge in both domestic and global markets, this know-how and our supplier relationships are paramount to ensuring we achieve our customers’ and our own expectations.

At CSIEMS we utilise the latest integrated manufacturing system from 123 Insight tailored to meet our needs, our ERP/MRP system provides us with real time, accurate and complete information enabling us to make timely informed decisions. 


Our surface mount facility enables us to populate a wide range of PCB’s, through both a single or double sided process. With a component feeder inventory in excess of 1000, Laser centring and advanced vision recognition, we can place all currently available packages from 1005  to 54mm square including BGA ’s, CSP’s, Flip Chips and package on package.


At CSIEMS offer both fast and standard turnaround prototype PCB assembly, we have no minimum order quantity and have the capability to place all surface mount and through hole components.


As a consequence of being an EMS provider we must have the personnel the skill-set and investment in advanced equipment and training to be able to repair and rectify any faults that might occur.

CSIEMS offer a dedicated small batch rework, repair and modification service for faulty PCBA’s and assemblies. Our highly trained rework operators can rework and repair Surface mount faults from simple replacement of SMT chip devices to complex QFP, QFN, BGA removal and replacement,

We can also offer thru hole component removal and replacement and pad and track PCB repairs.


Our surface mount facility enables us to populate a wide range of PCB’s, through both a single or double sided process. With a component feeder inventory in excess of 1000, laser centring and advanced vision recognition, we can handle all the currently available packages from 0201 up to 54mm square including BGA ’s and CSP’s.
SMT production equipment.


The skilled engineers at our fully equipped test facility have considerable experience in product testing, fault finding and hardware test design. We have a wide variety of test equipment from simple high voltage flash testing to ATE in circuit testing to fully functional program and custom test fixtures and enclosures, We have the ability to cater for a wide range of customer needs Including intermediate and end of line testing.

Ensuring confidence that the products built at CSIEMS meet customers specification and performance expectations.


Lighting is a significant and strategic part of our business; we are an established manufacturer of LED lighting with considerable experience in both the automotive, medical and commercial lighting arenas.

We are well placed to cope with the recent growth in the use of LED and solid state lighting. We currently place approximately 250.000 LED’s per month and our expectation is for the number to increase considerably, When specifying our recently acquired Juki surface mount machines we ensured that they have the ability to accommodate the longest boards.

We have the capability to place all flat and dome packages at high speed increasing the control speed electronics that are placed on the same PCBA as the LED’s. At CSIEMS we have extensive experience of meeting the challenges that this presents. 

We can help you develop your future projects.