At CSIEMS we take pride in providing the highest quality products to all of our customers. To maintain our high performance and ensure that our rigorous quality standards never waiver, we put the maximum effort into ensuring every aspect of an assembly is correct.

All areas of our production undergo meticulous Inspection to IPC-A-610 by a member of our IPC trained inspection team. 


As technology evolves PCB assemblies and components become smaller and more complex, the need for AOI (Automated Optical Inspection) has become a necessity. At CSIEMS the AOI systems provide us with precise, reliable and repeatable ways to check all aspects of an assembly.

Our AOI machines have the capability of inspecting a vast range of parts, from 01005 chips to complex highly integrated packages, using multiple cameras, variable lighting stages, optical character recognition for identifying components, solder inspection and the recording of serial numbers, enabling yield analysis and confirming products are of the highest quality.

Utilising a wealth of experience Our IPC-A-610 trained Inspection team ensure the highest standards of inspection.


More and more PCB assemblies are using components with hidden solder joints (such as BGA’s), making inspection more complex. To confirm that these components have soldered correctly during the reflow process, CSIEMS have an on-site X-Ray system allowing us to inspect, review, catalogue and save images.


To enhance our automated inspection capabilities and allow us to inspect all aspects of the assemblies we produce, we have a range of optical inspection systems at our disposal including:

• ErsaScope Optical BGA Inspection System
• Vision system 7 rotating microscope
• Vision systems Mantis
• Vision Systems Linx
• Quinns digital comparator
• LED Illuminated magnifiers at all workstations


Our engineers will help you find the best and most cost-effective test strategy, At CSIEMS we have a range of both functional and in-circuit ATE test systems to give maximum confidence with minimum cycle time.

We are able to provide complete turnkey test systems for your products or use your existing systems and set up. Our test facility is staffed by experienced test engineers who will test your product using a comprehensive and up-to-date range of equipment.

‣ Automatic Test Facilities
‣ Boundary Scan
‣ Design and Manufacture of Custom Test Fixtures
‣ Measurement Instrumentation
‣ Stimulus Generation Instrumentation
‣ Function Specific Test Equipment
‣ Programming of Memory, PLD & Micro controllers.
‣ Fault-Finding and Repair


As part of our commitment to ongoing continuous improvement, CSIEMS actively examine data entered via our ERP system and AOI systems to establish trends, proactively improve quality and ensure that all processes are carried out efficiently.

Our Quality Department are fully versed in DPMO and PPM analysis and use these tools in conjunction with machine provided data to ensure that our processes are continuously evolving.